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What Happened on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL?

After the soap suspended production in March, the final new episode aired on April 23, so now that it’s coming back, fans may be trying to remember what happened on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL? Well, that’s where we come in! As all-new episodes are scheduled to begin airing on Monday, July 20, we’ll make sure you know exactly where things left off for all your favorite characters so you can jump right back into the action!

What happened to Wyatt and Flo and Sally?

Wyatt had decided to ask Sally to move out of his home so she could get the medical treatment she would need as her condition continued to deteriorate and he was no longer able to care for her himself. But Flo had seen Sally’s medical files in Dr. Escobar’s office and learned that she’d been faking her terminal illness. Confronting the redhead, Flo tricked Sally into admitting the truth and when Dr. Escobar interrupted, she also confessed her part in Sally’s crazy scheme. Determined to tell Wyatt the truth, Flo dialed her phone, but Dr. Escobar panicked and hit her over the head! Sally and Penny scrambled to figure out what to do with Flo and barely managed to hide her unconscious body before Wyatt came home, startled to find the place in disarray!

What’s going on with Bill and Katie?

Katie was still stinging from the public revelation that Bill and Brooke had kissed. Bill had agreed to move out of the house but wanted to try and win her back. Katie worried about how their estrangement would affect their son, Will, but felt she wasn’t yet ready to talk to Bill about what had happened. Bill respected Katie’s wishes and allowed her more time, but urged her not to shut him out, even if it was just for their son’s sake.

B&B Ridge Shauna
Just what happened between Shauna and Ridge in Vegas?Howard Wise/

Where are Shauna and Ridge?

After Brooke and Bill’s kiss was exposed, Ridge took off to Vegas with Shauna. She was wary of pursuing her feelings for Ridge because she was convinced he would simply go back to Brooke, but he insisted that he wanted a fresh start and asked her to show him the town. The pair painted the town red, drinking all over the strip and ending up kissing passionately in front of an all-night chapel! The next morning, Ridge awoke at home, discovering that Brooke had found out where he’d gone and convinced the Forrester pilot to bring him back. Hungover, Ridge couldn’t remember anything of the night before and grew irritated when Brooke continued trying to apologize for the kiss. When Shauna called, Ridge asked when she was coming back to Los Angeles, but she confessed that she was in love with him but being around him wasn’t a good idea and wished him the best.

What about Thomas, Hope, and Liam?

Liam and Hope were finally able to be happy with Baby Beth after Thomas’ vile schemes were finally exposed. And Zoe was heartbroken but well rid of the cad herself. The last anyone saw of Thomas was at his failed attempt to marry Hope where she exposed his lies and confronted him in front of the entire family. He obviously retreated to lick his wounds, but will he return a changed man or out for revenge? Steffy was also heartbroken having to give up her adopted daughter, Phoebe, upon learning she was really Beth, but as B&B has promised, she’s about to get a new love interest who will hopefully make her feel a whole lot better!

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