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Noah and Tessa on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS — Everything You Need To Know

Noah and Tessa reconnected on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS when they both attended Victoria and Ashland’s wedding in Tuscany. But while it’s clear that the pair have history together, some viewers might not be aware of exactly what kind of history that is. Well, that’s where we come in!

Musician Tessa Porter was hired by Nikki Newman to be Reed Hellstrom’s music teacher, but the young woman also took to the stage to perform at The Underground herself. When she was being harassed by a drunk patron, Noah Newman stepped in and helped her get rid of the guy. He asked her out and she accepted, so they went to dinner and began growing closer.

Mariah Copeland supported Tessa and Noah’s budding relationship and offered the pair romantic advice, though she was stinging from being rejected by Devon Hamilton at the time. While attending a music festival, Tessa was helping Mariah get ready and discussing their romantic woes when the redhead suddenly kissed her! Mariah apologized and Tessa told her not to worry about it and they would pretend it never happened.

Y&R Mariah Devon Noah Tessa
Two people from these couples ended up together, and we’re not talking about Devon and Noah!Howard Wise/

Noah helped support Tessa as she came clean about her younger sister, Crystal, being caught up in a sex ring and joined the others in breaking it up and setting the women free. But after Mariah accused Tessa of stealing from her journal to create lyrics for a new song, he demanded an explanation. So Mariah showed Noah her journal as proof and that’s when he found out about the kiss the two shared in San Francisco. Noah confronted Tessa, who tried to apologize and explain but he didn’t want to hear it, calling her a user and a liar. After drowning his sorrows, Noah announced he was going to take a job at the Newman offices in Mumbai and leave all this drama behind.

In October 2018, Noah returned to Genoa City to attend Nick and Sharon’s wedding, and Mariah was reluctant to tell him that she and Tessa were now dating. But Summer Newman spilled the beans and Noah was caught off guard. After taking a little time to process the news, Noah assured Mariah that he was over Tessa and wished them both the best.

Y&R Tessa Noah
Will Tessa find herself leaning on her ex during this difficult time?Howard Wise/

But when Ashland and Victoria tied the knot in Italy in October 2021, Noah attended his aunt’s nuptials and encountered Tessa flying solo. She explained how Mariah had been kidnapped and given birth to Abby and Chance’s baby, so she had chosen to remain behind in Genoa City. As Tessa became emotional about missing her girlfriend and not being able to help her, Noah offered his support. She admitted she missed having him as a friend, and he assured her he always would be.

Could Tessa still have some lingering feelings for Noah that could ruin her relationship with Mariah? You’ll just have to stay tuned to Y&R as the story unfolds to find out!

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