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The Truth About Connor’s OCD Diagnosis on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

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Chelsea and Adam have been concerned about Connor for a while now on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS so when the school therapist suggested that the boy might have OCD, things got even more tense. Chelsea felt completely overwhelmed and Adam naturally went straight into denial. He called Sharon to get her professional opinion, but it wasn’t terribly reassuring for them.

Connor had been struggling at school in Genoa City and insisted that it was because of all the drama that his parents had created that the other kids knew about. After he attempted to run away from home, Chelsea and Adam agreed to let him go away to a new school in another city. However, that didn’t help and his grades continued to slip. Initially suspecting a learning disorder, the school now believes he has OCD.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, obsessive-compulsive disorder is when someone experiences uncontrollable recurring thoughts, engages in repetitive behaviors, or both. In Connor’s case, he is washing his hands constantly. People suffering from OCD may become obsessed with things like fear of germs, fear of forgetting or losing something, or a need to have things in a certain order. Common compulsions include excessive cleaning, repeatedly checking things like light switches or ovens, counting, or repeating words or phrases.

Y&R Connor Chelsea Adam
Chelsea worries that Connor’s problems are all her fault.Howard Wise/

Although what specifically causes OCD is unknown, evidence has shown that it can be passed down through genetics and can also be caused by childhood trauma. There is no cure for OCD, but treatments like psychotherapy and medications can be very effective and help those suffering from it lead normal, active lives again.

With Connor currently away at school, it’s going to be extra difficult for Chelsea and Adam to monitor his situation and help him receive treatment. Perhaps they might bring him back to Genoa City so they can all be together while they deal with the issue. Stay tuned to Y&R to see how the storyline develops.

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