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ABC Plans Encore Episodes For The Holidays


ABC Daytime has scheduled four days of encore broadcasts later this month. In a full-network pre-emption, ALL MY CHILDREN, GENERAL HOSPITAL and ONE LIFE TO LIVE will not air new programming on Thursday, December 23, Friday, December 24, Thursday, December 30, and Friday, December 31, but the following episodes can be seen:

Thursday, December 23

AMC: From November 22, 2010 — just as Greenlee is found guilty of David’s murder, Hayward walks into the coutroom alive.

OLTL: From October 22, 2010 — As Todd, John and Bo confront Eli at the warehouse, where he’s holding Dani and Téa hostage, Blair sneaks in and is overjoyed to discover that Téa is alive. Meanwhile, James, Ford and Langston plot to rescue Starr, and Destiny learns that her parents are actually her grandparents and her brother, Greg, is her real father. At the end of the episode, the warehouse explodes.

GH: The first episode of the Metro Court hostage crisis from February 1, 2007 — 12 hours before the hotel’s explosion, Craig’s mercenaries storm the Metro Court. Elsewhere in Port Charles, Lulu accuses Alan of killing Rick and framing Laura.

Friday, December 24

AMC: From November 23, 2010 — Greenlee is exonerated of murder charges, while Pine Valley reels from the news that David is alive and how he pulled it off.

OLTL: From October 25, 2010 — Eli sets off the bomb at the warehouse, placing the lives of Cole, John, Blair, Todd and Téa in danger. Dani is knocked out before she can tell Todd that her mother is alive. Cole shoots Eli, and Hannah holds James captive.

GH: Hour 11 of the Metro Court, from February 2, 2007 — Sam is nearly shot while trying to hit the hotel’s panic button, but Sonny talks Craig out of killing her. Just as A.J. is about to give Skye the briefcase code, he has a seizure. Maxie realizes that she’s stuck inside the hotel’s vault with a ticking briefcase, and to prove he means business, Craig shoots Robin.

Thursday, December 30

AMC: From November 29, 2010 — As the town’s residents rejoice that David is going to prison, Hayward sneaks away to confront Ryan. As the two men struggle, Erica shoots David.

OLTL: From October 28, 2010 — Todd and John and Téa and Blair work together in pairs to free themselves from the wreckage. At the end of the episode, Todd and Téa come face-to-face. Meanwhile, Cole learns that Starr and Hope were not in the warehouse, and therefore are probably alive. Covering for her son, Marty is booked for Eli’s murder. Hannah takes James and Starr to the graveyard.

GH: One hour before the Metro Court explosion, from February 16, 2007 — Carly figures out the code to A.J.’s briefcase, and Sonny tries to negotiate with Craig for her release. After covering for the disguised Jason, Sam considers escaping from the hotel. Nikolas and Emily discuss getting remarried. At the end of the episode, Mateo slits the throat of “7” just as Alan opens his eyes, in Monica’s arms.

Friday, December 31

AMC: From November 30, 2010 — Following David’s shooting, Erica is taken to the Pine Valley P.D., while Ange and Jesse bring in Griffin to save David’s life. Caleb and Asher share a close moment at the police station. Having been shot, Madison faints in Ryan’s arms.

OLTL: From October 29, 2010 — James saves Starr from a crazed Hannah. A reunited Todd and Téa manage to escape from the warehouse before it collapses. Natalie confronts Marty with evidence against Cole. After revealing that he couldn’t find the other half of his mother’s necklace, Rex sees that Clint had something to do with its disappearance.

*GH: *The finale of the Metro Court explosion, from February 19, 2007 — Mateo is shot as the hostages look on. Craig opens the briefcase, revealing the microchips. As the SWAT team storms the hotel’s lobby, a huge gun battle ensues. Sonny and Carly escape, while Jason rescues Liz. Suddenly, the Metro Court lobby explodes in flames.

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