Franco: Port Charles’ Most Wanted Man!

Franco’s evil past is coming back to give him a sizable bite on the booty!

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For all those crimes against humanity that GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Franco committed and was never punished for, karma is now taking care of that! As the prime suspect in Carly’s disappearance, he was the most sought after man in town… and not in a good way! Heather had the rather brilliant idea of murdering the woman she hated (Carly) by framing the son she grew to resent (Franco). Two birds with one stone, as they say. Her efforts, though, weren’t enough to persuade Scotty to arrest his son. Anna spotted the D.A.’s conflict of interest and outlined all the evidence against Franco, including a knife that, to us, looked a lot less like Carly’s blood and more like it had been slicing up serving of a Marie Callender’s Razzleberry pie.

Disgusted that Franco was still on the loose, Heather kicked it up a notch by putting on her best cartoon voice and making an anonymous call to Michael. Tipped that the PCPD was dragging their feet on arresting Franco and, therefore, finding Carly, Michael raced to the station and threatened a lawsuit. Franco, meanwhile, turned to Sam for help. You know, the same Sam that he kidnapped, drugged and made to believe he had raped and impregnated. That Sam. Apparently, she’s the only private investigator in town who is capable of finding a missing person.

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, while memories of the night Connie was murdered started to come back to A.J., Tracy was totally freaked out about the possibility of a raccoon in the boathouse. In reality, the only “vermin” inhabiting the storage shed was Heather and Carly. A.J. passed on shooing away the unwanted resident, as did Michael. So Tracy called her go-to man, Luke. And when he walked in to the tiny shack, it wasn’t a mask-wearing mammal he found, but rather a bound and gagged Carly!

Poor Bobbie was in a panic. Ever since she found out that Carly’s car was found covered in her blood, she was a nervous wreck. She had been careful what info she told Lucas, fearful that he’d rush to Port Charles to support his mom while his sister was missing. Under different circumstances, that would have been nice, but Bobbie was worried that he’d bump into his biological dad, Julian, whom he thought was dead. So when Lucas did, in fact, show up in PC, Bobbie tried not so nonchalantly to convince him to leave! Instead, he headed to Kelly’s to pick them up a bite to eat. As he was about to walk in, Sam walked out… unaware that Julian was sitting at a table inside, just a few feet away!

Next week, a new Chief Of Staff is announced, Lucas meets his father and Luke’s discovery has its consequences! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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