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Can Lulu Ever Forgive Dante? — The GENERAL HOSPITAL Writers Speak Out (EXCLUSIVE)


When GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Dante walked away from Lulu, she swore she’d wait for him. But as the months drag on, will she find it difficult to continue standing by her man… especially when he shows no signs of returning anytime soon? Over the years, the couple have faced many challenges, from one baby-related problem after another to his infidelity with her cousin. Despite encountering numerous bumps in the road, they always managed to find their way back together. So what is it about this crisis that feels different?

Perhaps it’s the fact that this time, they aren’t actually living in the same city. His decision to walk away from not only her but Port Charles and the life they’d built there creates a huge chasm between them. “It’s very hard for Lulu,” GH co-headwriter Shelly Altman admitted to Soaps In Depth. “It’s almost as if his recent return and abrupt departure have made things worse for her.”

How could having her husband home, no matter how briefly, have made things worse? “She had a momentary glimpse into what they had and could have again,” elaborated Altman, “and then it was cruelly ripped from her.”

General Hospital Dante Lulu goodbye

Saying goodbye was heartbreaking for both Dante and Lulu. (Photo Credit: ABC)

What Lulu doesn’t know could quite literally hurt — or even kill — her or other people they love. Because as viewers saw, Dante was having terrifying visions about a mission not yet accomplished which seemed to involve him killing his beloved wife! What really happened to Dante while he was in Turkey remains a mystery, but we saw that he was haunted by the events that had unfolded, not to mention the thought of what might come to pass if he remained in Port Charles!

Lulu, however, knows nothing of the demons which drove her husband to leave their family. Nor does she have any idea where he went, let alone when — or even if — he will return! “Not knowing what their status is has been hard on Lulu,” said co-headwriter Chris Van Etten. “The fact is, he left her with the admonition that she should forget him! She’s having difficulty dealing with that.”

For the moment, Lulu is doing her best to carry on. “She had her moment of fury,” said Altman, “but recognizing the reality that her husband is dealing with something bigger than the two of them is helping her to try and remain steadfast.”

That said, Lulu is left with more questions than answers, and children who she is having to raise on her own. Although she has been doing her best to live her life without focusing on the big, empty space where her husband should be, how much longer will she be able to go without answers? “That is the big question,” admitted Altman, acknowledging that sooner or later, Lulu’s patience will be pushed to the breaking point. “This is the biggest test their love has faced!”

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