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Danny on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know

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Danny Morgan on GENERAL HOSPITAL is a member of a core family on the soap but as he’s not seen very often, some fans might not be aware of his history in Port Charles. But that’s where we come in!

Who plays Danny on GH?

After a series of twins who played Danny as an infant and toddler, TK Weaver was the first solo actor to take over the role, debuting in May of 2016. But after three years, GH recast the role and Weaver took to social media to thank his fans and GH family. And in May 2019, Porter Fasullo made his debut as the young character. Then, in November 2021, it was announced that the role had been recast with Zakary Risinger. He only made a couple of appearances around the holidays that year, and Danny wasn’t seen again until November 2023 when the role was recast again with Asher Jared Antonyzyn.

Who are Danny’s parents?

Danny’s life was dramatic right from conception when Sam Morgan worried that Franco might be his babydaddy instead of Jason Morgan. Then, at birth, Heather Webber convinced Todd Manning to switch Sam’s infant with the stillborn child Téa Delgado had just given birth to at the same time. However, after a few months, Jason stumbled upon the truth and confronted Heather, who threatened to throw the baby off the roof of the hospital rather than give him back! Thankfully, Danny was rescued and returned to his rightful home with Sam and Jason.

General Hospital Jason Sam Danny
Danny’s life started out filled with drama!Howard Wise/

Why was Danny sick?

On his first birthday, Danny was diagnosed with leukemia and was kidnapped by Franco, who had briefly become convinced he was Jason. Carly Corinthos talked him down and Danny was brought to the hospital where it turned out Franco was a bone marrow match to save Danny. Sadly, Franco had a brain tumor which meant he couldn’t donate. Media mogul Derek Wells turned out to be a match, and it turned out he was really Sam’s father, Julian Jerome, and was happy to save his grandson’s life. Danny continued to have a clean bill of health until late 2014 when Madeline Reeves tampered with the blood results to make Sam believe her son’s leukemia had returned. 

How did Danny deal with Jason and Drew?

Danny’s family life has also been dramatic, with his father being presumed dead, almost getting Patrick Drake as a new daddy, and then his dad’s return from the dead — twice! (The first was really Drew Cain made to believe he was Jason, and the second was actually Jason back from the grave.) Danny also got a new baby sister, Scout.

Danny adjusted to the turmoil pretty well, since Drew remained a part of his life, and he was happy to have his real father back. Unfortunately, when Sam found herself in legal trouble, her parole required her to stay away from Jason, so Danny wasn’t able to spend as much time with his dad as he might have liked. Thankfully, that drama soon blew over and they are once again able to be a family unit.

GH Sam Jason Danny Scout
Danny would love to have his family back together again.ABC

After Danny and Jason were nearly caught in an explosion at the Floating Rib, Sam asked Jason to keep his distance, and Danny missed his dad. And when Jason was arrested for murdering Franco, Danny promised his pop he knew he was innocent and assured him he was looking out for Sam and Scout. Sadly, Danny’s parents eventually split up, and he has had to adjust to his mother now dating Dante Falconeri.

Danny joined his mom, Dante, Scout, and Rocco to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade from the balcony of their apartment and they had plans to dine at the Quartermaines but that changed when they learned that Jason was presumed dead again after a tunnel collapse on Cassadine Island. The boy did join the family in celebrating Christmas at the Quartermaine mansion, and enjoyed listening to Monica reminisce and tell stories about his father.

Is Danny like Jason?

In 2023, Danny joined Georgie, Jake, and Charlotte on Halloween to go trick-or-treating. However, after Charlotte disappeared, the kids all told Valentin Cassadine that his daughter had gone missing. Returning home, Danny explained the situation to Sam and Dante and worried that something terrible had happened to Charlotte. Sam admitted she could see a lot of Jason in Danny, although that turned out to not be such a great thing in February 2024 when the teen was picked up by the cops for underage drinking with his friends in the park!

At Scout’s birthday party, Danny skipped out and went down to the boathouse at the Quartermaines where Jake later found him vaping. Jake agreed to keep it a secret, but refused to give the vape back. When Dante was shot, Danny went to the hospital where Sam was initially upset that he’d sneaked out again, but Alexis took him under her wing and promised to take him home later.

Stay tuned to see how Danny’s story continues!

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