GENERAL HOSPITAL Recaps — Sam and Drew Got Married!

A lot can happen in a day on GENERAL HOSPITAL so it’s easy to get lost. If you’ve missed anything that happened over the last week or so on the soap, our recaps can help you get back up to speed in no time!

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After refusing to contest the divorce, Jason remained focused on getting to the bottom of his disappearance by using the fake P.K. Sinclair to lure out Faison. To that end, Jason, Sonny, and Spinelli E-mailed the man they believed to be Faison’s son and offered to coordinate a showdown. Later, a drunk Obrecht confirmed that Faison did indeed have an older son — one he’d tormented terribly, which is why she’d hidden Nathan’s paternity. With the case starting to heat up, Jason went to warn Sam and Drew… only to realize they were about to get married! While Jason drowned his sorrows and shared a moment with Kim, Sam prepared to say her vows. Though hit by a flood of warm memories of Jason, she still said “I do” to his twin. Sam taking his last name left Drew finally feeling more connected to it, even as the new bride appeared to be uneasy.

Lulu’s Big Mistake!

Once Anna caught onto Sonny and Jason’s plan, she ordered them to stand down. She also tried getting Peter to run a story about Faison’s mysterious son to lure him out, but he refused. When Sonny and Jason called her out on intercepting their E-mails from P.K., the WSB agent confessed, revealed she’d already set up the meet and agreed to let them join her. Little did they know, Faison was already in Port Charles… and had captured Obrecht! When Obrecht woke up at Wyndemere and saw her villainous true love had captured her, she refused to help him connect with Nathan. So Faison tied her up. Foolish Lulu, meanwhile, followed Peter’s lead to Wyndemere — alone! When Faison found her untying Obrecht, Lulu tried to smooth-talk him with promises of delivering Nathan. Unfortunately, mama bear Obrecht cried she’d never let that happen and taunted Faison with Anna’s new love, Finn. Faison stormed out… but not before throwing a canister of deadly gas at the women!

GH Obrecht and Faison - JPI

“Miss me?” (Photo Credit: Howard Wise/

Faison Amped Up the Danger

Anna and Finn claimed to be relieved their faux romance was over, but each was clearly struggling with very real feelings. Though Anna refused to put the handsome doc in danger by admitting her feelings, Felicia convinced Finn he should rush to Anna’s place and fight for their love. But there, he ran into Faison, who insisted that Anna was his and pulled a gun. Cued in by a cigarillo outside her door, Anna burst in to find Finn bound, gagged and trying to indicate he wasn’t alone — but she didn’t get that last part until Faison whispered in her ear!

Nathan Hid the Truth From Maxie

Maxie, who was living in fear of what Faison might do to her family, had a baby-related crisis. But at the hospital, she got the all-clear. When Maxie thought she saw Faison in her building later, Nathan and Dante tackled the guy. Even after making sure the new building super wasn’t wearing one of Faison’s identity-altering masks, Maxie remained on high alert. Then Nathan learned Faison was indeed close and that his mother was missing… neither of which he told Maxie. Instead, he enjoyed the magic of their first sonogram and sent his wife and baby home with a kiss.

GH Oscar, Joss, and Carly - ABC

Oscar only had eyes for Josslyn… until Carly entered with cookies. (Photo Credit: ABC)<?center>

Josslyn’s Secret

Drew and Michael helped Jake take a small step towards recognizing Jason as his father, while Kim reminded Drew that she was the boss where Oscar was concerned — but also admitted she was glad he could be there for their son. Carly showed up reeling over condoms found in Josslyn’s back-pack, but Kim was just glad the kids were being safe. While the doc offered her son more condoms, Carly urged her daughter to wait… and was thrilled that Joss agreed she wasn’t ready for sex. It turned out the big night they’d been planning was an alternate school dance — which they were throwing because a school administrator was using the Mad Hatter Ball to bully a classmate who identified as transgender. Impressed with the kids’ risky stand, Carly offered to chaperone the event.

Michael’s the Daddy

After the paternity test proved Nelle’s baby to be Michael’s, he promised to always do what was best for the child. Although he worried about his ex working for Ava, Michael had no intention of taking her back. Of course, Nelle misunderstood his concern and started plotting their reunion. Carly, meanwhile, took the turn surprisingly well… until she found Nelle and Monica bonding! Even as Sonny promised Michael he wouldn’t give Nelle any problems, Carly was scheming against the mom-to-be.

GH Michael and Nelle - ABC

“I don’t love you, I just didn’t want the baby to be cold.” (Photo Credit: ABC)

Ava Went Under the Knife

With her final reconstructive surgery upon her, Ava thanked Kiki for having her back and Griffin for saving her with his love. While anesthetized for the surgery, the schemer’s mind played tricks on her. Even as doctors were fixing the damage done to her face, Ava was left wondering if her soul would ever truly be healed.

Franco Doesn’t Like Harvey

As Laura warned Elizabeth about Harvey’s plans for the Charles Street district, the developer pressured Franco to sell his studio. Franco refused to sell or even show Harvey his artwork… but then realized that Betsy’s ex just might know something about Drew. After learning the kid was not only alive but a Quartermaine, Harvey’s interest was piqued — and Franco became even more wary of the newcomer.

GH Alexis and Laura - JPI

Currently single Alexis wasn’t thrilled when Laura used “sex with my hot new husband” as her excuse for dropping out. (Photo Credit: ChrisD/

Alexis Joins the Race!

Julian spurred Sonny’s interest in the harassment going on in the Charles Street district, but tried to downplay the danger with Alexis. She was still worried — especially after learning Molly and her beau had been forced to evacuate their apartment due to a supposed gas leak. Ned argued a redevelopment of the area would be the end of such problems, adding that he’d be sure to provide low-cost housing as mayor. But neither Laura nor Alexis was convinced. Ned took another meeting with Harvey. Laura got an upsetting call and suddenly dropped out of the race! With several people rallying behind her, Alexis decided she would take Laura’s place!

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