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GH Friday Recap: Morgan’s Killer Instinct!

Miss Friday’s GENERAL HOSPITAL? We’ll fill you in! Sonny couldn’t risk getting upset in his fragile state, but he was. He remembered very clearly that while he was unconscious, Morgan told him that he was going to kill Julian Jerome. Michael and Carly took that news very seriously. Upon learned from Milo that Morgan had a gun and was going after Julian, Michael and Magic M hopped into action to track him down. Meanwhile, Morgan walked into Julian’s apartment with his gun drawn, but no one was there. Julian was, actually, at Alexis’ place. Aware that he was a marked man, Julian knew he had to get out of town fast! Alexis had an idea. She had rented a lakehouse for the fall, so they could spend weekends away. She handed Julian the key, suggested their love nest be his safehouse for the time being. He agreed, and off they went. What they didn’t know was that T.J. overheard their entire conversation! Later, when Morgan showed up at Alexis’ place, he instead found T.J. Morgan worked the teen until he convinced him to reveal Julian’s whereabouts. Morgan dashed out of there and headed to Julian’s hideout. When he arrived, he interrupted Julian and Alexis in mid-kiss… and greeted them with a loaded gun! Scotty and Ava’s deal was simple: he’d get the Connie murder charges against her dropped and she’d give him $5 million. Good plan, but it wasn’t going to happen quite that easily. After the judge dismissed the charges without prejudice, Ava followed Scotty back to his room to retrieve the flash drive that contained the incriminating evidence. But when he opened the door, they saw that the room had been ransacked… and the flash drive had been stolen. Ava had a hissy fit. As long as that flash drive was out there, there was always the chance she could end up in prison. Ava went home and declared, “Time to say goodbye to Denise DeMuccio.” Translated: goodbye dark hair! Paul was feeling particularly melancholy. He put his signed divorce papers in the mail, ending his marriage to Jenny. He and Tracy were having a rather intimate moment discussing it, when Dillon and Maxie stormed in and announced that the movie they were shooting was off. Mayor Lomax had issued a “cease and desists” order, saying they didn’t have the proper permits. As Paul looked over the legal document, he noticed that the mayor’s name was Janice Lomax. Small world. He knew Lomax in law school, and she had quite a thing for him! Paul called Lomax and used his charm to get the movie shoot back on! Meanwhile, Patrick opened his front door and got quite a shock. “Surprise!” Sam, Anna, Danny and Emma shouted. It was Patrick’s birthday and a celebration was needed. After he opened his presents (including a guitar from Sam), Anna left with the kids for the night. Patrick held Sam and told her what a very happy man he was. Then he added softly, “I want to marry you.” Monday on GH, Julian finds himself in a rather precarious situation, Sam mourns Jason on their wedding anniversary, and Maxie asks Tracy about her history with Paul. Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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