Robin, Is That You?!

Through the years, whether it’s kids being born (Maxie), kids being conceived (Cameron), people getting married (Lucky and Liz), couples “returning” (Luke and Laura) or heroines being murdered (Emily), GENERAL HOSPITAL knows how to do Halloween! This year was no different. If the sight of Faison and Obrecht dressed as Beetlejuice and Heidi weren’t enough to hold your interest — although it’s hard to fathom how they couldn’t — Emma’s chance encounter with her disguised mother evoked a sizeable tug on the heartstrings.

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As a cloaked Robin snuck in under everyone’s radar (except Epiphany’s), the normally chummy Spencer and Cameron were at odds over a girl. Yup, little Emma secured her status as the show’s vixen when she hits puberty by giving eyes to both boys. She’s learning early and she’s learning fast. Papa Patrick better stock up on antacid tablets because it looks like he’s going to need them. Anyway, Emma got all mopey when they spilled punch on her, and a masked Robin rushed to clean her up. All was fine and dandy until Emma introduced her new faceless friend to Sabrina as “she’s going to be my new mommy.” Crushed like a bug, Robin scurried off to ease her emotional pain privately in an exam room… it was private, that is, until Patrick reached for the doorknob!

Apparently forgetting that Nikolas is a father and that trick-or-treating with his son would trump hanging out alone at gothic mansion on a deserted island, Duke stopped by to ask about Anna. And, low and behold, she showed up. Or maybe not. Well, it looked like Anna, but that trench coat and scarf, not to mention the over-annunciated words all screamed Obrecht! Duke meandered to the moved bookcase that opened to the tunnels within the walls. There, Faison waited with a gun!

Catwoman almost kissed Andy Warhol. Or, actually, Carly almost kissed Franco, before, that is, she said, “You need to go.” What a buzz kill. The mood having been totally ruined, he headed back to his Metro Court room. When he answered the knock on the door, he assumed the knee-wielding “wolf” in a granny nightgown was an overgrown kid looking for candy… until she pulled out a huge chef’s knife! “You are really craving sugar!” he said, unfazed. When she whipped off the mask to show that it was Heather, he kicked in screamed like a little girl scared by the Boogie Man! Furious that she was following him and even more furious that she was bad-mouthing Carly, he assumed Heather was being so possessive of him because she was interested him romantically. In fact, she made a yuck-poo face at the mere mention. “Someday, you’ll understand,” she said. Hmm.

Next week, Duke inadvertently puts lives in danger, a public brouhaha reveals some shocking news and Patrick walks in on Robin! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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