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Who Were All of Nikki’s Husbands on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS?


So many husbands, so little time! THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) has walked down the aisle so many times (should it have a revolving door?), that even some longtime viewers might not remember all the men she married! And being her true love, she married Victor Newman more than once! How many of these hubbies do you remember?

Greg Foster

YR Greg Foster

Who was he? Jill’s brother, an upstanding young lawyer.
How long did the marriage last? 1979-’81.
Why’d it end? Besides the fact that being hitched to Greg left Nikki bored out of her beautiful blonde gourd, he figured she’d re-hooked up with old boyfriend Paul Williams when the two of them wound up as members of the same cult, and stuck a fork in the marriage.

Kevin Bancroft

YR Kevin CBS

Who was he? The wealthy pretty boy toward whom Victor pushed younger woman Nikki rather than admit that he’d fallen madly in love with the stripper that he’d transformed into his fair lady.
How long did the marriage last? 1982-’83.
Why’d it end? To get away from her monster-in-law, Nikki resumed taking it all off at The Bayou. When Kevin found out, he didn’t so much throw dollar bills on stage as a divorce decree. (Which was just as well seeing as the couple’s daughter, Victoria, had actually been fathered not by Kevin but by Victor).

Victor Newman

The Young and The Restless Victor Nikki Wedding
Ron Galella/WireImage

Who is he? The Mustache, The Black Knight, Nikki’s one true love.
How long did the marriage last? Decades — they’ve been on-again/off -again since 1984!
Why’d it end? Which time? Are we talking about the divorce that resulted from his attraction to Ashley Abbott? The one that came about because he believed that Nikki was responsible for the publication of the unflattering Ruthless biography? Whatever split was your favorite, we can all agree, can’t we, that Nikki and Victor have made an art form of breaking up — no doubt because they’ve also made an art form of making up.

Jack Abbott

YR Nikki Jack

Who is he? Victor’s longtime archenemy and perhaps the one man besides The Mustache who will always retain a piece of Nikki’s heart.
How long did the marriage last? 1990-’94 (then again, briefly, in 2012).
Why’d it end? Nikki and Jack’s first marriage was actually the result of the groom’s revenge plot against Victor. (Jack was incensed that not only had Victor taken over Jabot Cosmetics, he’d made Brad Carlton, of all people, his boss!) But Jack actually developed real feelings for Nikki — feelings that were so intense that it crushed him to throw in the towel when he realized that he’d never be her one true love — she already had one of those.

Joshua Landers

YR Joshua
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Who was he? Nikki’s gynecologist.
How long did the marriage last? 1996-’98.
Why’d it end? It wouldn’t have lasted long to begin with, seeing as Nikki wasn’t 100 percent into it. But the actual reason the marriage was dissolved was that the widower’s wife wasn’t as dead as he believed. And not only was Veronica alive, she was crazy enough to murder him when he turned down her offer of a reunion.

David Chow

YR Nikki David
Aaron Montgomery/

Who was he? The sleazeball who was Nikki’s campaign manager during her run for the Senate.
How long did the marriage last? Only a matter of months in 2008.
Why’d it end? While the black widower was working to hasten Nikki’s demise by poisoning her, his own life was cut short during a limo ride with Victor’s momentary missus, Sabrina.

Deacon Sharpe

YR Nikki Deacon
Sean Smith/

Who was he? A conniver from THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL who was as untrustworthy as he was sexy.
How long did the marriage last? Less than a year in 2011.
Why’d it end? Even Deacon had to know that his and Nikki’s union wasn’t going to have a long shelf life, considering that she only agreed to say “I do” so that he would say nothing about what he’d seen the night of Diane Jenkins’ murder. (In particular, nothing about the fact that Nikki had been the one who offed Victor’s wife of the moment.)

Keep watching Y&R because you never know when Nikki might get hitched again!

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