GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 12/18/20: Is Julian Going To Die?

There are endings and beginnings in these GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers! Laura reels from her discovery, Carly comes clean with Josslyn, Curtis wants the truth from Jordan, Diane checks in with Jason as Sonny holds Julian’s life in his hands!

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Still stunned from learning that Martin and she share a father, Laura was further shocked to learn that Cyrus is also a member of the extended Grey family. “You knew all along, didn’t you?” she demands to know. Holding the bouquet of flowers he brought to his mother’s bedside, Cyrus remarks, “It’s a regular party, isn’t it?”

Now that it’s becoming public knowledge that Taggert isn’t really dead, Carly decides to come clean with Josslyn. “It didn’t sound crazy,” she admits to her daughter. “It’s true.” And at the police station, Curtis is curious just how long Jordan was keeping the truth from him. “Before today,” he asks his wife, “did you know that that man was still breathing?” 

GH Curtis Jordan
Can Curtis still trust his wife?ABC

Diane catches up with Jason at the bus station in New Jersey following the deadly shootout and he brings her up to speed. “Is there a plan in place for that situation?” the attorney asks him. Meanwhile, out on a bridge, Sonny finally has Julian right where he wants him. As he holds a gun on his rival, Sonny announces: “This is your big chance to live!” Can Julian strike a deal that will let him escape with his life or is it finally the end of the road?

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