GH Friday Recap: Fate Brings Jake And Sam Together!

Patrick was aglow with the notion that Sam agreed to move in with him. He sat little Emma down on his lap and explained “big people” relationships and how Sam and Danny were going to living with them. Emma, being the smart cookie that she is, asked where Sam was going to sleep. Patrick’s revelation that Sam would share a bed with him had Emma making the cutest boo-boo face you’ve ever seen and saying, “But that’s Mommy’s bed.”

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Meanwhile, Julian was set to meet Jake at the garage for his first day at work but was instead confronted by Shawn. He and Julian went head-to-head about their business setback, which Shawn blamed on him. Julian pulled a gun, only for Shawn to call that and raise it with two of his thugs stepping in with their guns drawn. Jake arrived and without blinking, knocked out the guys and pointed a gun at Shawn. Mission accomplished — Jake won that round and Julian was mighty impressed.

Once alone, Jake found a fine-looking motorcycle and flashed back to seeing him and Sam hopping on the bike and riding off. Wouldn’t ya know, seconds later Sam arrived at the garage to report that her car broke down on the way to Patrick’s. How’s that for a coinkydink?

Hayden woke up in a cranky mood. Jake was not performing his husbandly duties, and she was not pleased. As she put it to Ric, “Not getting laid and not getting paid makes for a very unhappy me.” Yes, she said that. Anyway, Ric enlisted her to seal the deal with Liz by giving her a little nudge in his direction. And that’s exactly what Hayden did. She paid a visit to Liz at GH and lied through her teeth, saying that she and Jake were having sex and boy, oh, boy, was it spectacular! She then told Liz to stay away from Jake and suggested she get back together with Ric. After Hayden left, Ric swooped right in to affirm his commitment to Liz… and to seal it with a kiss!

Nikolas and Spencer returned from Boston and settled back in at Wyndemere. To hide and protect the healing burns on his face, Spencer wore a Phantom Of The Opera-esque. Thinking he looked like a monster, Spencer didn’t want to be seen. Sonny later gave his nephew a boxer’s robe to replace the one lost in the fire. But more valuable than that, Sonny also gave him some sage advice, telling the boy that Emma likes who he is in his heart. “Be myself,” Spencer said. “That’s exactly how I’m going to hang onto Emma.” Spencer then remembered the ring his father put in his safe. That would surely signal his love for Emma!

Nikolas later showed up at the hospital to meet with Spencer’s plastic surgeon. He ran into Liz, who said that things got complicated when he was in Boston. She said how she nearly got together with Jake… until his wife showed up!

Monday on GH, Nikolas wants details from Liz about Jake’s claim, a proposition from left field gets tossed at Ric, and Emma breaks Spencer’s heart! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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