GH Friday Recap: “Marry Me. Right Now.”

Carly, Michael and Morgan agreed that Ava was getting away with killing Connie, and now she was going to drag Sonny down further by going after Avery? Yep. That would be correct. Carly called Ric, hoping to form a strategy to keep the baby. His plan — or at least the plan he told Michael and Morgan — was to file a motion with the court in the morning. In the mean time, Ric wanted to make Sonny aware that there was a meeting of the Five Families in the works, and Ric thought it was important that he attend. Michael and Morgan objected. It would be Michael who’d grab the family reigns; not Ric.

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Someone had to break the news to Sonny that Ava was free (thanks to missing evidence) and she was now determined to get custody of Avery. That “someone” was Carly. But in true Carly fashion, she had a plan. As she saw it, there was one thing they could do that might help solidify Sonny’s hold on the baby. With that in mind, Carly asked Sonny to marry her, ilke, now!

Meanwhile, Paul summoned Ava to the docks. He informed her that she would be representing the Jerome Organization at the meeting of the Five Families. Under different circumstance, she’d be thrilled. But, for personal reasons, the timing was very bad. If she went public as the head of the Jerome crime family, Sonny would undoubtedly use it against her in a custody fight. Not that Paul cared, because he most certainly did not. He ordered her to tell the families that Julian was behind Sonny’s shooting! She said no. But Paul wasn’t asking her; he was telling her.

At least there was one person in town that was happy — Elizabeth. She had a wedding to plan! Patrick overheard her tell her grandma Audrey that she and Jake had set November 6 as a wedding date, and subsequently, he mentioned how he proposed to Sam. Liz nearly jumped out of her skin with delight… until Patrick went on to mention that Sam said no because of her lingering hold on Jason!

Wanting to shake her feelings for Jason once and for all, Sam packed up the tiny porcelain phoenix and dragon and headed to the Chinese restaurant where she and Jason were married. As fate would have it, Jake was there, too. He wanted to give the Corinthos family a break from hospital food and what better way to get your mind off an assassination of someone you love than with a cream cheese Rangoon?

Jake sat beside a pensive Sam in the restaurant’s patio area where she and Jason exchanged vows four years earlier. She admitted to Jake that she came to the restaurant hoping to be able to let Jason go, because Patrick asked her to marry him. She wanted to move on with Patrick but couldn’t. She told him the story of how and why they were married there. While doing so, Jake flashed back to Sam getting on his bike. But was he having a Jake memory or a Jason one? Finally, Sam confessed to Patrick that deep down inside, she didn’t really believe that Jason was dead!

Monday on GH, Sam makes a confession to Jake, Carly convinces Sonny to move forward and Michael gives Ava a stern warning! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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