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GH Friday Recap: Sonny’s On The Brink Of Death!

The gunshot wound Sonny received to the chest caused him to lose a lot of blood, and his condition wasn’t looking good. Patrick carefully and quietly broke it to Carly, Michael and T.J. that although Sonny was in need of surgery, he was far too weak to survive it. And, with the bullet so perilously close to his spine, one wrong move could paralyze him for life. For the time being, they had to wait and see if he improved.

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Michael stepped into the E.R. room for alone time with the man that raised him. “You are my father, and as long as I live, I will be your son,” Michael assured an unconscious Sonny. Carly went in next. Trying to remain strong, she spoke of her undying love. “We’re going to get through this the way we’ve gotten through everything, and that’s together,” she cried. T.J. went in last. He thanked Sonny for saving his life, adding, “I owe you.”

Lulu arrived at the PCPD and told Dante that Olivia saw Julian on the pier right around the time Sonny was shot in his nearby warehouse. Of course, an already fired up Morgan walked in just in time to hear that. Morgan grabbed Julian by the collar and threatened to annihilate him on the spot. Julian adamantly denied having anything to do with Sonny’s shooting and went so far as to suggest that Olivia had a motive for shooting Sonny because he cheated on her. “I hope Dante didn’t inherit his father’s wandering eye,” Julian said, laughing at Lulu. With that, Dante slugged him! Dante was a bundle of nerves. “I gotta go see my father,” he told Lulu. “If something where to happen to him, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Patrick looked over the latest test results. “By the looks of these, the odds aren’t great,” he told Sam. Morgan, meanwhile, returned to the hospital and filled in Carly and Michael about Julian being held for questioning at the PCPD. He then went in to see his father. “Julian’s gonna pay for what he’s done,” Morgan said, leaning in close to Sonny. “I’m gonna kill him.”

Liz freaked out when she saw Jake’s shirt covered in blood. He told her about Sonny’s shooting, and then confided in her that Sonny said something puzzling to him as he was sprawled out on the warehouse floor, bleeding out: “I knew you’d come. You always do.” Liz knew it was only a matter of time before Jake would learn he was Jason, and that worried her to no end. She was on the verge of telling him the whole truth!

Hayden began asking Nikolas questions about Helena and Jake that he did not want to answer. Lucky for him, Sloane’s arrival saved Nik from digging a deeper hole. Now that Sloane sacrificed a future with Anna, he demanded Nikolas make good on his promises, but Nik all but laughed in his face. Meanwhile, Jordan filled in Anna about what went down with Sonny and T.J., and Anna broke the bad news to Jordan that Sloane double-crossed her. Although Jordan was determined to build cases against Lomax and Sloane, Anna (protecting herself against Sloane’s reprisal) convinces Jordan to back off.

Monday on GH, Liz makes a confession, Nina and Franco pull a fast one on Ric, Dante learns that Sonny might not make it, and Morgan vows to kill Julian! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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