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The Ice Princess on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need To Know

Like a bad penny that keeps popping up, the Ice Princess keeps resurfacing on GENERAL HOSPITAL. But for those who may not be familiar with the infamous diamond, we’ll fill you in on some history and why a lot of people in Port Charles will never forget it!

Back in 1981, Alex Quartermaine was working at ELQ and hired Luke Spencer to investigate her competition, the Cassadines. Luke was questioned at gunpoint by Robert Scorpio, who demanded information about the Ice Princess statuette. But it was actually a large, uncut diamond that Alex had painted black and mounted on a pedestal. Unfortunately, when Alex went to pick it up at the docks, she found it had been stolen! It ended up in the hands of Lila Quartermaine, who planned to auction it off at an event to benefit the hospital. Luke, Robert, Alex, and Tony Cassadine, all planned to steal it, but it disappeared once again!

Robert and Luke teamed up to track down the Ice Princess while Alex threw in with Tony, knowing that in the base holding the Ice Princess diamond was the formula for carbonic snow, which could be used as a weapon. The Cassadines planned to use it to hold the world hostage. Robert, who revealed he was working with the WSB, joined Luke and Laura Webber on Cassadine Island where Mikkos Cassadine revealed his plan to build a weather machine to freeze the world! To prove he was serious, Mikkos used the device to send Port Charles into a deep freeze, turning it into a disaster area!

GH robert Laura Luke
While our heroes were sweltering on the tropical Cassadine Island, everyone back in Port Charles was freezing to death!ABC Photo Archives

Luke, Laura, and Robert joined forces to try and thwart Mikkos’ plan, and after a tense game of cat and mouse, finally triumphed. Mikkos was dispatched and Luke managed to shut down the weather machine with the password “iceprincess.”

In 1999, it was revealed that Luke was chipping off pieces of the Ice Princess diamond and selling them to a man named Kreig, not realizing it was actually the villainous Cesar Faison!

In 2013, Luke and Laura were surprised when their daughter, Lulu Spencer, received an uncut rock that was supposedly the Ice Princess. However, it wasn’t actually the infamous diamond, though it led to Lulu being kidnapped by Helena Cassadine and Stavros Cassadine. Lulu was rescued after being frozen by Stavros, who referred to her as his “ice princess.”

In January 2022, Tracy Quartermaine offered Laura the Ice Princess at Luke’s memorial service, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Spencer Cassadine was intrigued, but Laura warned her grandson to steer clear of it. Following Ned and Olivia’s vow renewal ceremony, Tracy revealed she was financing her return to Europe with a piece of the diamond, but then a federal agent appeared at the Quartermaine mansion to arrest her for trafficking in counterfeit goods… namely, the Ice Princess!

GH Valentin Jennifer
Valentin tried to seduce the Ice Princess away from Jennifer but failed!ABC

With everyone wondering what happened to the genuine Ice Princess, Anna Devane thought she had a lead on the diamond being auctioned off in French Polynesia and placed a bid to ensure an invitation. Meanwhile, Jennifer Smith was already there preparing to buy the gem herself… and so was Valentin Cassadine! When the WSB found the Ice Princess in Jennifer’s safe, she denied stealing it, and Anna believed it was Victor Cassadine who was behind Luke’s death and stealing the Ice Princess.

In November 2022, Britt Westbourne finally went through the box that Peter August had left her when he died. Finding a key among the belongings, she found it opened a safety deposit box containing a diamond necklace. Hired to investigate its origins, Sam McCall discovered that the necklace had belonged to Leopold Taub back in the ’80s and that four of the diamonds in it were from the Ice Princess! Britt informed Cody Bell that as Leopold’s son, he could have a claim on the necklace, but Victor forced Holly Sutton to steal it for him! After Holly faked her near-death in an explosion, the necklace was believed destroyed in the flames, but it was still in Robert’s possession.

Keep watching GH to see what happens next!

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