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Who Is Behind Duke’s Mask?


Holy rubber masks, Batman! Duke is an imposter!


If it walks like a Duke and talks like a Duke, it isn’t necessarily a Duke! Halloween came a week late on GENERAL HOSPITAL when “Duke Lavery” slipped into Robin’s Swiss hospital room, failed her test of “I remember it well” and then ripped off a lifelike Mission Impossible-esque mask! Her reaction to seeing the face underneath was a terrified (and priceless), “Oh. My. God.” All those cynics who chanted that the powers that be were writing Duke out of character, SURPRISE! That’s because he’s not Duke! Wait ’til you see where it goes NEXT! Soaps In Depth knows the secrets behind this story. Yes, “secrets.” Plural. Sorry, we’re not going to give it away, because it’s a double-doozy that you’ll want to see for yourself.

Carly’s reaction to seeing A.J., her former husband who she thought was murdered seven years ago, wasn’t as monosyllabic as Robin’s was with anti-Duke. Nope. One thing Carly is NOT on Monday is short on words, not just with A.J., but also with Monica. Sticks and stones may break some bones but handcuffs really do hurt! And don’t think that being tied up, gagged and locked in the boathouse will stop Tracy from putting in her two cents because it won’t. There’s a Quartermaine storm brewing and it’s about to turn into a category five whopper called Hurricane Tracy!

Just when Connie thought she had steered herself clear of time in a mental hospital, she, instead, steered herself right towards time a prison cell. Pulling that “Connie is the host personality and Kate is the alter” card out of her sleeve looked like a good idea, until it made Connie vulnerable to time behind bars for the death of Hope and Cole. Oops. Guess she didn’t think of that before she spoke. Open mouth; insert faux leopard skin ankle boots. Will Johnny help her out of this mess… or push her into it?

Aside from the “people aren’t who they say they are” theme in those two storylines, this coming week also has Patrick following through on a “proposition,” Dante and Lulu finding a way to become parents… and the return of Robert Scorpio! GH Monday… be there!

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