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Ryan Lavery — Everything You Need To Know


Ryan Lavery may not be familiar to fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL, but they would definitely recognize that last name! The character appeared on ABC sister soap ALL MY CHILDREN from January 1998 until September 2011, and was played by Cameron Mathison. With the news that the actor would be joining the cast of GH in an unspecified role, some fans wondered if Ryan might be making a trip to Port Charles. And about that last name? Ryan’s father, Patrick Lavery was the cousin of GH character Duke Lavery. Want to know more about the guy? We’ve got you covered!

When Ryan Lavery originally arrived in Pine Valley, he was a con man who agreed to marry Gillian Andrassy in order to keep Liza Colby from exposing his scheme. Naturally, Ryan and Gillian eventually fell in love with each other, but she was murdered by a hitman trying to kill Anna Devane. This sent Ryan into a spiral of grief where he slept with Liza (she got pregnant, but sadly lost the baby) and dated Mia Saunders.

Ryan saving Kendall’s life kicked off a romance between the pair, some happiness as he struggled with the knowledge that Christopher Stamp, a man he hated, was his biological father. He planned to marry Kendall, but finding her in bed with Aiden Devane on their wedding day, Ryan instead skipped town.

AMC Kendall Ryan
Kendall and Ryan had a complicated relationship.ABC/Steve Fenn

He returned to Pine Valley the head of Cambias Enterprises and got mixed up in a complicated fake pregnancy scam with Kendall to try and keep control of the business, though he later did the right thing and signed it over to the rightful owners. Friendship with Greenlee Smythe turned to romance, and he eventually married her. Ryan also met his brother, Jonathan Lavery, and learned that his real father was Patrick Lavery. As Jonathan went crazy and turned deadly, Ryan was forced to shoot him to protect Kendall and Greenlee.

Overwhelmed with guilt, Ryan got a vasectomy to prevent any more Laverys from being born, but Greenlee and Kendall broke into a clinic and stole his sperm to get pregnant. Furious, Ryan drove off on his motorcycle and was presumed dead in an accident. He survived, but hid out in Canada where he tracked down his sister, Erin, and discover she’d been helping Jonathan, who had survived. Greenlee had lost her baby, but Kendall was now carrying his child, a son they named Spike.

AMC Annie Erica Ryan
Annie did not take rejection well.ABC/Anthony Randell

Ryan was drawn to newcomer Annie McDermott, who also revealed that he was the surrogate father of her daughter, Emma. Eventually, he proposed and despite Greenlee attempting to ruin the ceremony, Ryan and Annie were married. Unfortunately, while protecting Kendall from a gunman, Ryan was shot in the head and lost his memories of the past few years, still believing he was in love with Kendall and Greenlee. This sent Annie off the deep end and she attempted to kill him before being committed.

Ryan had grown closer to Greenlee again but as they were about to be married, she was presumed dead,  and he fell back into Kendall’s arms. While trying to prove Kendall innocent of murder, Ryan then found himself growing closer with her mother, Erica Kane, and they eventually had a brief affair before realizing they were better off as friends.

When Greenlee wanted nothing to do with him, Ryan began dating Madison North, but he soon found out David Hayward was blackmailing Greenlee into being with him. After David’s murder, Greenlee and Ryan were reunited, but then Madison revealed she was pregnant, and he wanted to do right by her. Tragically, Madison delivered their baby girl prematurely following a car accident, and the infant died.

AMC Ryan Greenlee
Ryan hoped to live happily ever after with Greenlee.ABC/Rick Rowell

After discovering that David’s Project Orpheus had brought back to life some of Pine Valley’s much-missed residents, Ryan and Greenlee teamed up with some others to stop David and shut down his lab. Finally, Ryan and Greenlee were able to happily raise Emma together and he felt truly at peace.

Stay tuned to see if Ryan makes a trip to Port Charles one day!

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