What Happened to Flo on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL


Flo Fulton on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL started off as a pawn in a heartless scheme, then learned she was a member of a prominent family, and then it all fell apart! She seems to have put the pieces together, but can she really be trusted? Katrina Bowden made her first appearance as the newly-created character in January of 2019. Viewers will most likely recognize Bowden from her role on the hit NBC sitcom 30 ROCK, although this actually isn’t her first soap role — she appeared in a couple of episodes of ABC’s ONE LIFE TO LIVE as Britney back in 2006 when her career was just beginning to take off.

Florence Fulton introduced herself to Taylor Hayes as the mother of the baby girl that Dr. Reese Buckingham offered for Steffy Forrester to adopt. She insisted that the father wanted nothing to do with them and that she desperately needs the money. Taylor believed the story and convinced Steffy to take this baby being offered, but in reality, Flo was a craps dealer at a casino, and Reese was her best tipper. Flo initially seemed to be going along with Reese’s scheme as a way to get close to him again, but ultimately settled for the cash.

The Bold and The Beautiful Taylor Flo Reese Baby
When something seems too good to be true, it’s because it is!CBS

However, when she insisted Reese come clean about where he really got the infant, Flo was horrified to learn he’d told Hope Logan her baby had died so he could sell it to Steffy. Although she was persuaded to keep quiet about the crime to keep herself out of trouble, Flo panicked again when his daughter, Zoe Buckingham, stumbled upon the truth. Although as the lie continued, it was Flo who wanted to come clean and Zoe who insisted she stay quiet or they’d all end up in jail!

More of Flo’s past was revealed when she started working at the Bikini Bar and ran into Wyatt Fuller, who she remembered from Vegas. Turns out they were high school sweethearts, and after Flo confessed her feelings, she was disappointed to learn he was in a relationship. She also wondered who her father might be, but her mother, Shauna Fulton, tried to put the kibosh on that particular line of inquiry. Undeterred, Flo took a DNA test, and when Wyatt checked the results, they revealed her father was Storm Logan!

Welcomed into the Logan family with open arms and rekindling her relationship with a newly-single Wyatt, Flo was more worried than ever that the baby swap would be revealed and she would lose everything. And when the truth was finally exposed, she begged forgiveness, but Hope refused and Flo was arrested! Thankfully, she was able to strike a deal and Ridge even agreed she should be released from prison. However, no one aside from her mother wanted anything to do with Flo after what she’d done! But when Katie required a kidney transplant and no other family members were a match, Flo learned she was and decided to donate her kidney anonymously.

B&B Flo Wyatt
Flo got the guy and then had to fight to keep him!Howard Wise/

Flo’s selfless organ donation went a long way towards repairing the bridges she burned, though she kept her head down for quite a while until the worst of it blew over. Eventually, she and Wyatt reunited and were happy together for a time until they learned that Sally Spectra was dying and Flo urged Wyatt to go back to her and help ease the pain of her final days.

However, when Sally continued to linger and pressure Wyatt to profess his love to her, Flo grew suspicious and questioned what was really wrong with the redhead. When Dr. Escobar wouldn’t reveal anything, Flo took it upon herself to sneak a peek at Sally’s medical records and learned it was all a big scam she had cooked up with the doctor! Flo confronted Sally and badgered her into admitting it was all a lie to get Wyatt back. But as Flo tried to text Wyatt the truth, Penny knocked her out!

Stay tuned to see how Flo’s story continues and for more B&B news, keep reading the CBS edition of Soaps In Depth magazine!

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