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What Happened to Andre on GENERAL HOSPITAL


Andre hasn’t been on GENERAL HOSPITAL in a while so it’s understandable if some fans might need or even just want a refresher on the character. And we’re here to help! Anthony Montgomery made his daytime debut in the newly-created role in November 2015. Previously, the actor was best known for his role as Travis Mayweather on STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE. He remained with GH until December 2017, but reprised the role numerous times in 2018 and 2019. He popped up again in December 2022 and then made another surprise appearance on April 28, 2023!

Psychiatrist Dr. Andre Madox was contacted by Dr. Kevin Collins to take over Anna Devane’s case, though she was reluctant to begin seeing a stranger. He also treated Morgan Corinthos and assured him that his bipolar disorder was manageable with the right medication and therapy. When Anna stopped coming to her sessions, Andre urged her to deal with her guilt over killing Carlos Rivera or it would tear her apart. But she then revealed her suspicion that Carlos was still alive and didn’t trust D.A. Paul Hornsby.

Andre began dating Jordan Ashford, and offered his support when she wasn’t happy that her former brother-in-law, Curtis Ashford, was now in Port Charles. When Morgan had an episode and tried to jump off the roof of the hospital, Andre managed to talk him down. The shrink briefly found himself suspected of murder when a patient died suddenly while in his care, but a serial killer was stalking the hospital and Andre helped with the investigation that eventually led to the true killer, Paul Hornsby!

Andre couldn’t keep Jordan’s eyes from wandering…Howard Wise/

As Jordan and Curtis grew closer, Andre refused to be the other man and broke things off with her. And once he was single again, Andre was finally able to pursue the feelings that he had been having for Anna this whole time. The pair enjoyed some lovely dates and beautiful dances, but their relationship never really quite took off.

Andre had helped Franco Baldwin be cleared to be the hospital’s art therapist, but began acting strangely when Franco came to him about his memories of a childhood friend named Andy. It was then revealed that Andre was working with Dr. Klein, who was keeping the real Jason Morgan in a Russian clinic! As the walls closed in, Andre skipped town but Curtis and Jordan found him in Havana and brought him back to Port Charles to face justice.

The psychiatrist confessed that while working for the WSB, he had developed a procedure to read and store memories in the hopes of helping Alzheimer’s patients but his work had been corrupted and used to steal Jason’s memories to implant into his twin brother, Drew Cain! He later tried to make amends by offering to restore Drew’s original memories, but the guy didn’t want to risk losing the memories he’d made while living in Port Charles for years as Jason.

Andre had quite a tale to tell!XJJohnson/

Andre was arrested and put in prison where he had visits from Franco and Drew as well as Anna, who got him to open up about how his research had been inspired by his wife, Kita, who had suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s. Eventually, Andre worked out a deal with the WSB that secured his release and he was reinstated to practice medicine. Anna questioned him about the memory mapping experiments and he was able to determine that Anna and her twin sister, Alex Devane, had been part of it.

In 2019, Andre once again returned to Port Charles at Drew’s request to help reverse Dr. Cabot’s procedure that had implanted Drew’s memories into Franco’s head. But upon arrival, Andre was attacked by an assassin (hired by Peter August) and barely survived! After recovering, Andre was eventually able to perform the risky procedure that restored Franco’s own memories and personality.

While looking for clues to Lucy Coe’s whereabouts in December 2022, Anna and Valentin Cassadine tracked down Andre in the Netherlands and he offered up some information about a Cassadine compound in Paris where he had been brought a few times. Then, in April 2023, Anna called him in for help to figure out what Victor Cassadine was up to. Going through old WSB files they deduced he was going to unleash a deadly pathogen, but Andre warned they couldn’t call in the WSB because they’d just bomb the entire island, hostages and all.

Stay tuned to see if Andre ever pops up again!

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