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When the WSB is brought up on GENERAL HOSPITAL, some newer fans may find themselves wondering exactly what the government agency is all about and even what the initials mean. WSB stands for World Security Bureau, and it has been a part of Port Charles history since back in the ‘80s. Former heads of the WSB have included Sean Donley, Frisco Jones, and even Victor Cassadine! Join us for a look back at a brief history of the WSB with some highlights of their activity…

The WSB was first mentioned in 1981 when agent Robert Scorpio was tracking down the Ice Princess diamond that carried with it a formula that could be used to cause global cataclysms if it fell into the wrong hands. With the help of Laura Webber and Luke Spencer, the spy was able to stop Mikkos Cassadine from using the power of the Ice Princess to freeze the world.

The WSB’s chief rival was the notorious DVX. In 1983, DVX agent Grant Andrews arrived in Port Charles to impersonate Grant Putnam in search of the Prometheus Disc, which was a top-secret disc needed to power a rocket. When he was unsuccessful, the DVX sent Gregory Malko to take over the mission, but ultimately Robert and the other WSB agents were successful in thwarting the DVX.

GH robert Laura Luke
Luke and Laura proved just as capable as WSB agent Scorpio!ABC Photo Archives

Anna Devane is well known as one of the WSB’s top spies, but earlier in her career she worked for the DVX and her boss was the villainous Cesar Faison. While training to be an agent, Anna befriended fellow trainee Valentin Cassadine, who later ended up on a WSB kill list on her orders. But it turned out that Anna’s evil twin, Alex Devane, had impersonated her, slept with Valentin, and ordered his death.

Port Charles police detective Dante Falconeri was recruited by the WSB in 2018 and went on a deep-cover mission in Turkey. After his rescue, Dante suffered from PTSD and went to the WSB facility in Switzerland to receive treatment. After accepting a mission to return to Port Charles and investigate Peter August, it was revealed that Dante was secretly being controlled by Liesl Obrecht, who was working with the WSB to clear her name.

Annie Donley had trained and tested to become a WSB agent and during a memorial service for her father, Sean, underwent a final test and officially joined the agency, even receiving Sean’s old badge number.

GH Laura Drew Obrecht Victor bunker
The WSB managed to take out Victor but nearly killed his hostages in the process!ABC

The WSB got involved when Victor went to a Cassadine compound in Greenland to unleash a deadly pathogen that would kill half of the world’s population. When Frisco refused to call in a drone strike on the area because Victor had innocent hostages, he was replaced as the head of the WSB. Thankfully, everyone was rescued before the drone strike bombed The Haunted Star and killed Victor. Upon returning from the mission, Curtis Ashford was approached by Agent Hursley about joining the WSB.

Upon his death, Victor had Anna’s life as a double agent revealed to the press, leading to her arrest for treason. Since the WSB was well aware of her past, she realized the agency was just covering their tracks and forced them to drop the charges or she would expose their secrets. After the WSB agreed, Anna resigned.

However, Anna found herself the target of a stalker and suspected former WSB agent Jamison Forsythe was behind the attacks on her life. Unfortunately, he was killed and the incriminating file she had in her possession went missing! It was then revealed that Mr. Brennan wasn’t just the head of the Pikeman Security Group but also the new director of the WSB, having ousted Frisco! He warned his associate, Roman Hume, that they had to locate that missing file before it caused them real trouble!

Stay tuned to GH to see what happens next!

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