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The Avant family grew by one when Adain Bradley joined the cast of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL as Alexander “Xander” Avant in June of 2018. The actor was born in Kansas, but raised in the United Kingdom, so he was initially able to use his natural accent since his character was also raised in England. (Although he has since switched to an American accent.) Bradley’s run came to an end in August 2019, though it was reported in December 2023 that he would be reprising the role and he was back to stir up more drama!

Xander is Julius’ nephew, making him Maya Avant‘s cousin. He arrived in Los Angeles looking to make a fresh start in America and was hired as an intern at Forrester Creations. He soon became smitten and started a romance with fellow intern Emma, but then his ex, Zoe Buckingham, showed up and it was clear she was what he’d been trying to get away from. She was still dangerously obsessed with Xander, and immediately set about trying to steal him away from Emma. Having been hired to model for Forrester, Zoe arranged for Xander to also become one of the models so they could spend more time together (often half-naked!).

The Bold and The Beautiful Xander Zoe Emma
Turns out Emma couldn’t compete with Zoe.Howard Wise/

Although Emma initially tried to put up a fight for Xander, it was difficult because she didn’t want to have sex until she was ready while Zoe was happy to give the guy anything he wanted. Over time, Zoe turned her obsession down a few notches and started acting relatively normal at the same time Emma backed off, leaving Xander free to date his ex again. The two even challenged each other to change the way they talk, with both of them adopting American accents.

Xander didn’t have a whole lot to do for a while until he found himself wrapped up in the baby switch storyline when he overheard Zoe and Flo Fulton talking about how Hope Logan‘s baby was still alive. Insisting that it was cruel to keep this from Hope, Xander rushed off to stop her from annulling her marriage to Liam Spencer and tell the couple the shocking truth but was stopped by Thomas Forrester, who wanted to keep Hope in the dark for his own purposes. But after Emma died in a car crash, Xander discovered evidence that indicated Thomas had caused her “accident” and set about proving the guy is a killer. But when Thomas threatened his life and Zoe refused to listen to reason, Xander gave up, quit his job at Forrester, and moved back to Europe!

In August 2019, Xander returned to Los Angeles after learning the truth had come out to ensure that Zoe’s father, Reese Buckingham, paid for orchestrating the baby switch. He also told Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester about the evidence he’d found indicating that Thomas was responsible for Emma’s death, but naturally, Ridge refused to believe such things about his son.

B&B Finn Xander
Xander wanted Thomas to pay for his crimes!Howard Wise/

Xander left for Europe again but returned in December 2023 when he paid a visit to his new doctor, John “Finn” Finnegan, and was stunned to see Steffy’s picture on his desk and realize the physician was connected to the Forresters. When he tried to leave to find another doctor, Finn pressed him to tell him what was wrong and Xander reluctantly confessed to his internship at Forrester, getting mixed up in Thomas’ cover-up of Hope’s baby switch, and his belief that Thomas ran Emma off the road to her death.

When Xander visited Finn again, he was stunned to learn that Thomas was now in a relationship with Hope and insisted that the guy was a murderer. He explained his theory and insisted that Thomas had to be stopped one way or another.

Stay tuned to B&B to see what happens next!

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