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A.J. Realizes “Ava Killed Connie!”

If Ava and A.J. would just take a time-out, they’d realize they have more in common than their initials. We’re talking, of course, about their love of vodka. When he’s stressed, he downs it straight; she likes it shaken with an olive or two. Friday they were both swimming in it! Hearing from Carlos that he botched the “hit” on A.J. rattled her chain and, let’s just say, she wasn’t doing a happy dance. And when he said he accidentally left his gun behind at the Quartermaine mansion, she freaked. “Tell me again how you can yourself a professional!” she barked. He apologized, like that would calm her down. Although she put the operation on hold until she figured out what to do next, there was one thing she knew for sure… A.J. had to go!

Meanwhile, A.J. was filing a statement with Anna and Dante about the masked intruder who tried to kill him. He didn’t know who it was but he was “damn sure Sonny sent him!” He was wrong. After taking another guzzle or two of vodka, he flashed back to the night Connie was killed and realized that she was alive when he left… and when Ava arrived. “It was her! Ava killed Connie!” he concluded. At least he was right about that!

Robin broke the news to Liz and Anna that she was leaving Port Charles. Neither of them understood how she could just up and leave her family again. “If you knew why I was going, not only would you support me, but you would be thrilled,” she told Liz. Anna was a little harder to convince. Actually, she was rather miffed. Robin appealed to her maternal instinct, saying she was raised to do the right thing, even when it was something difficult. Anna was a puddle. And when Anna cries, we cry.

Next week, A.J. lets Ava know he’s on to her, Robin says her goodbyes to Patrick and Emma, and Ric has a rather surprising disclosure for Liz! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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