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GH Friday Recap: A Heart-Wrenching Corinthos Moment!

Ava was already down in the dumps when Morgan visited her in the PCPD jail. He didn’t come bearing words of support, though. Nope. He told her it was over between them! She was, understandably, hurt but wasn’t convinced he was following his heart. “Say it!” she demanded. “Say that never hearing my voice, never feeling my touch, turning your back on me forever is what you want!” He didn’t say those words exactly but he meant them when he said he wanted a fresh life with Kiki. Ava’s heart broke as she told him that she wanted them both to be happy, so she promised that her daughter would never know what happened about their fling. After Morgan left, Ava collapsed in tears on her bed. Julian showed up and broke the news to her that he couldn’t get the flash drive with her recorded confession that she killed Connie. Hopeless and emotionally exhausted, Ava accepted her presumed fate.

Morgan’s roller coaster ride of emotions looked far too familiar to Sonny and Carly. Their son was in crisis mode and on the brink of crashing. He was in need of help, not just from them, but also from a doctor. Sonny was concerned how Morgan was going to react to what they had to say but agreed that he needed talking to. They were going to call Morgan, but he unexpectedly stormed in, hyper, happy and hopeful now that he officially broke up with Ava. “I finally feel free!” he cheered. Morgan’s manic state had his parents very worried.

Carly carefully suggested he see a doctor because of everything he’d been through lately. “You think I’m crazy?” he asked. Sonny answered, “Bi-polar.” Morgan fought their every word, insisting that now that Ava was out of his life, he didn’t need a doctor; he only needed Kiki. Sonny laid out the hard and painful truth as a man who had been through every emotional swing Morgan was going through. Still, Morgan wouldn’t hear it. “Everything is fine. I’m good,” he smiled and left in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Franco gently told Kiki what Silas was going to tell her the day he was murdered. As Franco put it, “Morgan and Denise/Ava, they were doin’ the deed behind your back.” Kiki refused to believe it, that is, until Franco said that Ava admitted it to him. Kiki blamed Franco for not telling her, and then she had a light bulb moment: “Morgan slept with my mother and killed my father to cover it up.” She stormed out and went back to Silas’ apartment for the first time. There was a cheerful knock on the door. It was Morgan… and Kiki was not happy to see him!

Arraignment or not, Nina was still on a high after exchanging “I love you’s” with Franco. Alexis told her that all she had to do was say two words to the judge: not guilty. Nina did do as Alexis asked, but then added enthusiastically, “Franco’s not guilty either!” Alexis, the judge and even Madeline tried to get her to shut up and sit down. But Nina insisted, “You’re prosecuting the wrong man!” And Ric entered as if on cue!

Nina’s bail was denied and her case not dismissed. After she was taken to lockup, Ric told Madeline that he was arrested and that he had the document she wanted so desperately. But he had one question. He wanted her to explain, how did she get Silas’ signature on it? Gotcha, Madeline!

Monday on GH, Kiki has a few choice words for Morgan, Maxie considers Dillon’s interesting career offer, and Madeline’s got some explaining to do! Don’t forget: 3:00 ET and 2:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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