Morgan Chooses Sides!

“Guilt” was the magic word on GENERAL HOSPITAL this week. Silas, Duke, T.J. and, of course, Morgan all had a crisis of conscience that left them anxious to get matters off their chests.

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Ashamed of himself for shooting Max, Morgan was hanging around his hospital room with a puppy dog frown that pretty much screamed, “I did it!” Sonny was not happy when he saw him. He pulled his son into a vacant room and read him the riot act. Sonny was not one for subtilty. He handed Morgan a gun and closed his fingers around the trigger. “You wanna be a man? Shoot me!” Sonny ordered. That opened Morgan’s floodgates. Regardless of how Morgan felt about him, Sonny tried to make it clear that the life he was leading in the Jerome circle was not right for him. He got in Morgan’s face and whispered, “Whether you come back to me or not, you’ve got to get away from them and do it now when you still can.” That struck a chord. Fired up, Morgan showed up at Julian’s hotel suite, determined to call it quits. “I can’t do this anymore. I want out,” he said. But the look on Julian’s face all but said, “Like that‘s going to happen.”

Sonny’s obsession with Julian was on a path to create a problem between Duke and Anna. Keeping secrets from Anna or exploiting their relationship was not part of their business agreement. But Anna was also on a mission to stop the organized crime faction in town and, at the moment, the Jeromes were the biggest threat. So when Nathan strolled into her office, showed her his stellar record as a New York cop and said he wanted to clean up the town, she welcomed him aboard.

Silas was itching to tell Sam about his mysterious past but something always got in the way of a full confession, like a roll or two in the hay or a text message from the scorching hot cop that followed him from NYC. While Silas was trying to dodge the cops, T.J. and Molly wanted to run to them! But Shawn set them straight. “I’m as good as dead if the police find out I was at the warehouse the night of the shooting,” T.J. told Molly, unaware that Rafe was in earshot. Now there was a solution for Rafe to get rid of the competition for Molly’s heart!

Next week on GH, Franco freaks out when he sees Heather, Nathan questions Sam, and will Julian really let Morgan leave the “Jerome family”? Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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