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Sonny Gets Dumped!

Hotel operations manager, baked ziti chef, seer of the future… and now GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Olivia thinks she’s a psychiatrist? Mama mia! Her cousin, Connie, was determined to live a healthy life as one personality and knew the only way to do so was to say arrivederci Sonny. But did Olivia put the mental health of her flesh and blood over hurting Sonny’s wounded heart? Nope. She even told Connie, “Forget what the doctors are saying.” Thanks, Liv, for nothin’! Good thing Connie’s got her head screwed on tight. For now. Or so we think. If Carly ever loses her enthusiasm for running Metro Court, she should think about a career as Sonny’s new enforcer. She’s got one nasty temper, that woman has. All this ranting and raving about Brenda doin’ the deed with Michael; even if she did, so what? He’s a big boy. No laws were broken. No one was hurt. Hear that, Sonny? “No one was hurt.” Sonny went on and on to Carly about how Brenda hurt Michael. Says who? Says you, Sonny? They call that “psychological projection.” It hurt, YOU, not Michael. But wait. Brenda has a confession to make on Monday. Hmm. Wonder what THAT could be.

A.J.’s testosterone was showing. His glee that his son supposedly scored with a model had him doing all but a happy dance and screaming, “That’s my boy!” Then he saw Liz hug a bare-chested Nikolas in the hospital and he got all, “Hands off my woman!” First, we can’t say that we blame Liz for wanting to wrap her arms around Nik and not let go. Just look at the guy. Second, we love it when A.J.’s dark and dangerous side comes out. In fact, here’s hoping he gets a little darker.

This week, Ellie turns to Spinelli for help in uncovering the secret Maxie is keeping about Dante and Lulu’s baby, Brenda has a proposition for Sonny, and Liz gives A.J. a piece of her mind! Don’t forget: 2:00 ET and 1:00 PST/CT on ABC. Be there!

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