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Kirsten Storms Shares a Health Update


Just two weeks after GENERAL HOSPITAL star Kirsten Storms (Maxie) underwent brain surgery to remove a benign cyst in the lower part of her brain that had split in two, she is already feeling better. The actress shared an update on her recovery in her Instagram stories on Tuesday, letting her followers know that she’s already experienced a “noticeable difference” in the symptoms that had been plaguing her for years.

Storms started off the series of video messages by begging her fans to ignore her messy bun. “I have not been able to wash my hair for two weeks because I’m not supposed to get my incision wet,” the GH fan favorite explained. “So please don’t judge my so-dirty topknot! It’s driving me insane! I get to wash my hair tomorrow though. That’s really super exciting for me!”

The reason why Storms finally gets to shampoo and condition her hair is because her stitches were removed yesterday! “It was more painful than I expected,” she confessed. “I guess I thought because I was getting my stitches out that my incision was mostly healed, and it wasn’t going to feel like anything. That was wrong.”

Even as Storms was talking in the video, she said she felt “tightness” in the back of her head at the site of the incision, where her hair was shaved off about three inches wide. (She later posted a picture of her incision, which you can see here if you really want to look.) “The back of my head and neck is very, very tight and hard feeling,” she explained, adding that it’s most painful in the morning. “Just because I’ve been sleeping on it. I’m still required to sleep sitting up. That’s not fun either,” she said with a laugh.

“Stitches out this week,” Storms shared on Instagram earlier this week as she snuggled with daughter Harper. “Also, I love this precious little human.”Instagram

Her dirty hair, Storms assured her fans, was just a minor nuisance, as she’s otherwise feeling well. “Overall, I’m doing pretty good. Way better than I expected I was going to feel,” she shared. “I truly thought I was going to be in bed for weeks.”

The most amazing part, the actress confessed, is the “noticeable difference” as far as the symptoms she was experiencing due to the pressure in her head from the cyst. “Those symptoms are gone,” Storms marveled. “The constant pressure and headache I would have — which would affect me so much more than I realized now that it’s not there — that is gone. And that is amazing. I was telling my doctor this morning just how thankful I am for his work and that he was able to relieve me of all that.”

As she counted her blessings, Storms looked forward to her future. “This temporary, uncomfortable, painful situation I’ve got going on back here is well worth it,” she admitted. “Thank you to everybody for your well wishes and kind comments and thoughts and prayers. And thank you to everybody at work at GH who texted me, called me, came to see me, brought me food. You guys are the best.

“Honestly, every single day I’ve had such an outpouring of love that I couldn’t be in a bad mood,” Storms concluded. “So that was really lovely.”

Storms is currently taking some time off from the soap as she recovers but is expected to return to work in a few more weeks. Check back with for further updates!

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