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Brick on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know!

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Brick on GENERAL HOSPITAL might also look familiar to some sports fans out there because portrayer Stephen A. Smith is a sports reporter who appears on ESPN2’s FIRST TAKE and hosts his own SirusXM radio show. However, he is also a huge GH fan. “I have four older sisters, and when we came home from school, all the TV’s in the house were on GH,” Smith told ESPN Front Row. “Since I wasn’t allowed outside until I finished my homework, I watched the soap every day.”

When Maurice Benard (Sonny) was a guest on FIRST TAKE in 2015, he recognized Smith’s love for the soap and arranged for him to have a role as Brick, a surveillance expert for the mob. And though the reporter is a huge fan, he was able to contain his nerves. “Since I have watched the show for so long, I know Sonny and his mannerisms,” Smith confided. “So the scene was like talking to a long-lost friend. I knew him and how he goes about things. I imagined all that and it helped relax me.”

General Hospital Sonny Brick
Sonny can always call on Brick for help!Rick Rowell/ABC

Smith made his first appearance as Brick back on March 31 and April 1, 2016, and popped back into Port Charles again in August of the same year. In 2017, he returned at the beginning of February for another brief visit. Then he made a couple more appearances in the fall helping Sonny Corinthos trace the mysterious call from Russia that was part of the storyline where Patient Six was revealed to be Jason Morgan back from the dead. As a tech expert, he also popped up in 2018 to help fix up the cell phone of Sonny’s dad, Mike Corbin, whose Alzheimer’s was worsening. 

Brick returned in February of 2019 to offer Sonny some help in tracking down a missing Dante Falconeri, and then again in July to help forge records to indicate that Turkish teen Dev was actually a distant member of Sonny’s family. In 2020, Brick was back to help gather intel for Sonny about new enemy Cyrus Renault, and also managed to track down Julian Jerome so Sonny could go confront him for the bomb that killed Dev. In 2021, Brick helped Jason and Carly maintain the business against Cyrus’ attacks while Sonny was presumed dead. After Jason was shot rescuing Britt, Brick helped get the pair to a safe house.

In March 2022, Sonny asked Brick to coordinate with Damian Spinelli to find a digital trail for whoever leaked the sex tape of Cameron and Josslyn. Then, Sonny introduced Brick to his newest employee, Dex Heller. After Brick felt Dex was too cocky and reckless, Sonny defended him but also asked Brick to look into his past. In November, Brick met Sonny’s new flame, Nina Reeves, who later reported to Sonny that she’d seen Brick and Carly together. Brick assured Sonny he wasn’t having an affair with Carly, but declined to break her trust by revealing why she had contacted him. At the end of the year, Sonny contacted Brick to ask him to research Pikeman Security Group, as they wanted to work with him.

GH Sonny Dex Brick
Brick wasn’t entirely sure Sonny could trust Dex.Christine Bartolucci/ABC

After Dex rescued Sonny from an assassination attempt at a warehouse in the spring of 2023, Brick was called in to investigate but he was unable to uncover the shooter’s true identity or who they were working for and warned Sonny he had a powerful enemy. So Sonny made sure Brick was on hand for the actual deal with Pikeman to move explosives through Port Charles, an exchange that Dex captured on video for Michael Corinthos, who later opted not to use it to destroy his father. In October, Brick informed Sonny that he had confirmation that Cyrus was Austin and Mason’s boss, as he had suspected. Sonny asked him to do a deep dive into Cyrus’ finances, and Brick then enjoyed catching up with Carly.

In January 2024, Jordan Ashford called Brick to ask him to help her with an off-the-books investigation. He updated Sonny and Ava on the weapon found in her apartment that was stolen from the WSB and Sonny asked him to step up surveillance on his family to protect them. He then returned to Jordan to tell her that the call she wanted investigated came from a cell tower near Pentonville, and she and Anna realized the caller had to be John Brennan.

Brick was offended when Sonny questioned his loyalty and suggested that Dex Heller was the rat in his organization. Later, he produced evidence of Dex’s offshore bank account that proved he was sketchy. But when he later mentioned this information to Carly, she knew it was a mistake and rushed to explain the situation to Sonny before he killed Dex. 

GH Jordan Brick
Brick was happy to help Jordan with her investigation.ABC

In April, Brick told Sonny that he arranged for their men to assault John Cates as requested, but it was interrupted by someone. When he brought up Dex again, Sonny told him how Michael had paid Dex to take him down but later changed his mind and had Dex spy on him. He then went over to Jordan’s office with flowers to flirt a bit. He asked her out to dinner but then got a call and had to take a rain check.

Stay tuned to see how Brick helps the Corinthos clan next!

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