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Avery Jerome-Corinthos on GENERAL HOSPITAL — Everything You Need to Know


Avery on GENERAL HOSPITAL is a very popular little girl! Her parents are frequently fighting over the adorable kid, and she’s been at the center of quite a bit of drama, even before she was born! First appearing in November 2014, Avery was originally played by Harper and Presley Carlson but by December the role was taken over by Ava and Grace Scarola, and the super cute twins have grown up before our eyes on GH.

Avery is the daughter of Ava Jerome, although she wasn’t sure at first who the babydaddy was because she had slept with Morgan Corinthos and his father, Sonny Corinthos, on the same day. Ava used the pregnancy to prevent Sonny from killing her, though she refused to have a paternity test until after the child was born because it was too dangerous. Believing Ava was behind the car accident that caused her to miscarry her baby, nurse Sabrina Santiago changed her medication to cause her to lose her own child. Thankfully, Ava wasn’t too diligent about taking her meds, and Sabrina confessed after learning of Ava’s innocence in the accident.

General Hospital Ava Nina baby
“No! I delivered her, so I get to keep her! That’s the rule, right?”Howard Wise/

Avery’s birth was a traumatic one as an unstable Nina Reeves drugged Ava to paralyze her and force her into early labor, then ran off with the newborn. Franco helped her escape to Canada, and the formed a dysfunctional little family for a brief time before the law caught up with them. Ava was reunited with her daughter but only for a little while since she was arrested for murdering Connie Falconeri. A paternity test was run that proved Sonny to be the baby’s father and Ava named the child Avery before she was sent to prison.

After Ava was presumed dead and Sonny released from prison, he took custody of Avery, though Kiki Jerome considered suing for custody of her sister. She ultimately chose not to, but Michael Corinthos did, as a way to get back at his father. Although Michael was awarded custody, Morgan and Kiki drugged him to make him look like a bad parent so Kiki could get her back. Unfortunately, Avery was then kidnapped by Silas Clay so her bone marrow could be used to save Ava’s life. Yes, it turned out Ava was really alive and dying of cancer. Kiki and Morgan found Avery and brought her back to Michael, who relinquished her to Sonny.

Once Ava was back in fighting form, she and Sonny fought a bitter custody battle that she initially won when she played a recording of Sonny threatening her. Sonny reluctantly agreed to the court-supervised visitation so he could spend time with his daughter. However, Ava eventually gave custody of Avery to Sonny to keep evidence of her murdering Connie from coming to light, and she now has visitation rights.

General Hospital Carly Avery Sonny Santa
Ava doesn’t appreciate Carly acting as Avery’s mom.XJJohnson/

Ava was devastated by Kiki’s brutal murder, and wanted to leave town with Avery, but she just couldn’t make it work. Ryan Chamberlain, posing as Kevin Collins, tried to persuade her to run away with him, but she couldn’t leave Avery behind.

Since then, Avery has been living with Sonny and Carly though Ava continues to have visitation rights to spend time with her daughter. In September 2020, Ava took Avery to stay at the cabin to allow Sonny time with his dying father. There, the little girl wandered in the woods and found the locket worn by the presumed-dead Nelle Benson. Once home, Sonny told his little girl about her grandfather’s passing and found the necklace.

Stay tuned to watch Avery continue to grow up!

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